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We were visiting Devon over the last few days – hence no posts.  The weekend seemed to be centred on food (well, that shouldn’t be a surprise…).   And did we have a special eating experience to relate!  Not half!

I don’t know about you, but being of working age, most meals out tend to be in the evening.  This is probably why one of my favourite eat out times is the more unusual (and perhaps because of that)  slightly more decadent, sybaritic feel of ‘lunch’.

It has long been held that the best way to eat healthily is to do the following: “Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a pauper”.  This makes sense in a lot of ways – the more you take in as calories early on the more day you have to use them up.  People like Sumo Wrestlers, when extreme of mass is a real advantage, eat most of their calories just before going off to bed.  It makes sense.

Onto the decadent lunch time meal.  A place just outside Exeter – The Lazy Toad, in a village called Brampford Speke. Run with complete love by Mo and Clive Walker – Chef Proprietors.  Service is openly friendly and first name based, smiley and happy.  We shared a starter – Confit of shredded duck (from a free-range farm called Cready Carver), which had am amazing dressing – pomegranate and molasses.  I was desperate to order some bread to mop up the juices – but my wife convinced me that this course of action could dent my enjoyment of the main course.  My Pigeon Pudding – melt in the mouth, rich, steaming away in its suet pudding skin – was frighteningly good in a strong flavoured way.  It came with braised red cabbage (and tasted like a Delia recipe to me!), and Lyonnaise potatoes.  There were extra vegetables too, to share, including beer battered and deep-fried parsnips.  I think these may be a house speciality, and they are indeed very special.  J had  slow roasted belly of pork, on spinach and crushed potatoes.  It was so apple-y that I thought the Pig must have been a cider fanatic during their life.

I am a bit loath to tel you about this place – although it keeps winning awards (Dining Pub of the year for South West – highly deserved), so I assume any more publicity wouldn’t make it more difficult for me to get in.

Enjoy when you go.  Yes, we were well satisfied – and did dine like paupers that evening.

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