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So, it comes to pass that you are at the end of your Sunday Roast dinner.  Funnily enough, we had ours on Saturday this week.  Day before Mothers day, and we had the family over (Sister and brother-in-law, plus Daughter, Man and lovely baby).  They were going away on the Sunday, so we just fast forwarded a bit.  If you have ever done the full roast, you will know it is a bit af a marathon, and the last 10 minutes before serving are just bedlam.  Doing it as a late Saturday lunch is brilliant because then you have all Sunday to yourself – and the leftovers!  I can recommend it.  All day Sunday to recover.  It is quite enticing, isn’t it?

We had roast pork.  Funnily enough, I don’t really like Pork Crackling – but am good at doing it.  Here’s my rules and regulations:

  • Get your butcher to score the surface for you.  Mine used a Stanley knife – be careful, and you could do the same trick.
  • Bring the meat out of the fridge to warm up to room temperature
  • Dry the skin with kitchen towel
  • Put your oven up to very high – gas 9 or 220 degrees C
  • Sprinkle the surface with a mixture of salt and a pinch or two of dried mustard powder
  • Put in the oven at this high temperature for 20 minutes, then lower to your cooking temperature (170C  in my fan powered electric oven)
  • On no account put any fat or oil near the crackling – until you start basting it later

Pork joints have plenty of fat in them already, so no need to add more.

It went so well, we had very little left over.  But it was tasty.  I fried some cooked potatoes and mushrooms (these were not left over), then chopped up all the rest of the cabbage, leeks, crackling, meat pieces, roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes plus a carrot or two.  Heated up the homemade apple sauce (see next blog!), and we both had a splendid plate of taste, just before settling down to hard-earned chill in front of the TV

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