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Meat by e mail?

It still feels a bit strange to me, e mailing an order for beef to a supplier in Scotland, who then sends a huge box of top quality Scottish beef flash frozen to your door.  The freezer is now stocked with en exciting array of treats.


Don’t get me wrong – I still support our local butchers.  As I have blogged before, one had a sign in January that said “A butcher is for life, not just Christmas!”  But the recession has meant this particular supplier was doing an opening offer not to be missed.  Yes, the guilt is there, but I have to say I just couldn’t resist.  (As Oscar Wilde said, “I can resist everything except temptation”)

Bit of a Scottish theme today.  We had Oat Meal Porridge for breakfast, Smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs for lunch.  (J made the eggs – she is expert at keeping them soft and fluffy by making sure she serves them before they look fully cooked.)  Salmon – in its sheets, not cut up small like they sometimes do in restaurants.  Lemon and black pepper.  A real treat.


Tonight’s menu?  The steaks are Fillet.  The potatoes are expensive and new, tiny and gorgeous and waxy.  The spinach is the easy, microwave in the bag type.  We will also have runner beans.  Strawberries and cream for pudding.  Yes, there is a real need to keep things simple, sometimes.  Today feels like one of those days.

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