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First day of holidays was Friday 15th.  We have a fairly standard routine.  Food shopping. Morning ramble / hike.  Pub lunch or snack (and occasionally tea shop).  Afternoon reading, evening meal at home.  The joy of holidays is not doing work like things. Pubs at lunchtime don’t fit into busy days anymore.  And, I don’t know about you, but I always feel really on holiday when you see everyone else go off to work, then you can go off to be free walking the hills of Dartmoor, or a river walk or a coastal hike.  There are far worse places to be on a Friday morning…

I am running in a 5 Mile race on 8th May, so had to do some training runs.  It feels quite balanced to have the extra holiday calories offset by running and walking many miles!

I remember a set of serious runners when I was at University who did something called 100:100.  They ran 100 miles in a week – and drank 100 pints of beer.  That’s a half marathon (and a bit) every day, plus a gallon and a half (and a bit) of beer.  Not the sort of record you will read about in The Guinness book of the same name.  Don’t know what happened to these guys (always men in that group, no women).  I assume they are hyper fit or alcoholics!

We had bought a ham joint called a Slipper Joint for dinner.  It helps deciding what to have for lunch when you know whats in store for later.  Pub in East Devon.  Golden Lion at Tipton St John.  Food sounded great in the Good Pub Guide (every car should have a copy as standard).  Did a short 4 mile walk first, so when the Moules Frite arrived, I felt I had earnt it. Jane had a sort of fish stew (like Boullibase), which was fantastic too.  I can’t resist mussels, especially when you get lovely home-baked bread to dip into the liquor.  The fish stew made us speculate on the chef.  We found out he is from South West France, so no real surprise at the standard of cooking and the style.

When we were leaving, someone shouted “Phil!”…Being on hols, you always assume it is for someone else – but no, a second call revealed Helen and husband – who I hadn’t seen since 2003 when we worked together on a training project for school leavers called “Tune In To Work”.  Great surprise!

We soaked the slipper joint for 3 hours, replaced the water, and boiled it for 45 mins, then roasted for 1 hour.  This meat was only about £3.50, but as you will see, stretched to 3 meals for the two of us.  First day we had it with boiled new potatoes, with Spinach and Beans.  Parsley sauce was out of a packet – I don’t have enough kit to do everything when I am self catering!

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