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It still feels very strange even to a carnivore to go “aaaah” over a little frolicking lamb, then “mmmm” over a roast lamb dinner.  I agree with Gordon Ramsey’s take, here.  He has his kids watch what happens in the abattoir.  Only on film, but you understand the sentiment.  If you are going to eat it, you should know how it got there.  Well, the lambs born in early winter in the soft parts of Devon are ready to eat.  And what a treat.

Chump chops from our butcher. Got the new potatoes on first – Cornish, so pretty local too, about 16 minutes, just served in their skins with lashings of unsalted butter. Lamb was shallow fried in olive oil, for 7 minutes first side, added some slices of field mushroom, then 5 minutes second side.  Other veg?  We had a 10 day old cabbage in the fridge.  Pull off the leaves, cut out the centre rib from each leaf, throw about two away for decay and smelliness, and the rest was not only fine, it was grand!  Black pepper, and butter on them.  We had some green beans too – fine ones (probably french – darned air miles) and these were ready in 4  minutes (cabbage about 7).  I now always put a big squeeze of lemon onto beans – and what a difference.  It really brings something else out in the flavour.

A robust Rioja had been breathing since breakfast, and it had breathed life well into itself.

So there we are.  We keep it simple when we are on holiday – I always think self catering is like posh camping, really.  You just don’t have all the kit or familiar accompaniments with you – but there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple anyway.

I have enjoyed reliving our holiday eating – hope you did too.



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