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Pot Luck

I do feel slightly sorry for the rest of our family in June.  The few who don’t have birthdays really do name it ‘Flaming June’ – and not in a nice way.

We all gathered for a buffet feast on Sunday.  It is just too much for one person to pull it all together.  Requests are made to provide various items along the buffet way.

  • Cheeses – check
  • Phil’s famous Chicken Liver Pate – check (with French Bread) (recipe on
  • Ham – check
  • Pork Pies from the famous local butcher,  Halls of Hazlemere (Bucks)

For hot, Sister in Law Sue had made two enormous lasagna, and done some jacket potatoes.  (I will do a lasagna recipe next time…)

We had about 8 different salads and snacky bits too – and that is good cheating again, in my view.  There are times at family gatherings were you just want to keep things simple as possible, so you can drink, chat and enjoy as much as you can.  Sharing the pain and time of preparation with each other and with the shops is just the right way to do this.  You can do 30 minute meals this way, even with 14 people in a room.

The birthday folk and non birthday folk enjoyed themselves equally.  The Bottle recycling plant also had a red-letter day.


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