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A perfect lunch pre Wimbledon ladies final. (And wasn’t it good to see that the quiet one won!  Maria Sharapova may be stunning looking, highest paid female sportsperson in the world, and pretty good at the old ping-pong, but blimey, the grunts do get to me!)


I cobbled this together with some ideas from Gino D’Campo’s iDiet book.

Need to get everything together in the kitchen first – once you start cooking, there is no time to whizz off and get anything you have forgotten.  You need:

  • A chicken breast (boned  and skinned) per person
  • A lemon
  • 2 tablespoons of plain flour
  • Some mushrooms, washed and chopped
  • 2 dessert spoons of butter
  • A good handful of parsley
  • Salt and pepper
  • Mixed leaves to serve onto

I zested some of the lemon peel first with my Lemon Zester – great tool to have in any kitchen.  Chopped this in with the parsley – removing the tough stalks.  Juiced the lemon – old fashioned citrus juicer – made of glass (not the gorgeous metal Philip Starcke one, which I cannot make work!).  Get the leaves ready and on the plate, with their dressing already on.  Chop each chicken breast in half side to side, so you end up with a skinny escalope – like a thin steak.  You need a sharp knife for this.  Then, cover them in the flour, – easiest to do this by spreading the flour out on a plate, and mixing in the salt and pepper.  Have some olive oil heating in the frying pan, and put the dusted breasts in to fry.  When you have turned them over (after about 4 to 5 minutes), add the mushrooms around the side.  When chicken is done, take them out and keep warm (on a hot day, I just piled them on a plate to keep each other warm…), then add a the butter to the pan – reducing the heat to minimum.  Add the lemon, and a glass of white wine – or chicken stock if you are a chef, or a bit of boiling water if you are me, anda touch of balsamic vinegar with a bt of honey and the parsley plus lemon rind – and pour this mixture into the frying pan.  Let it bubble for a few mins while you place the chicken on the leaves.  Then pour the sauce over the chicken and serve quickly so the leaves don’t wilt too much.  Serve with hunks of bread to dip into the lovely juices at the end.

Light, breezy, easy quick and summery.  Spot on.


Comments on: "Lemon butter chicken" (2)

  1. Come round and save me from a carbonised steak pie!!

    • Carbon is very good for the digestive system. It is still used to prevent smelly botty burps in dogs. And if carbonised, at least seems unlikely that you will have food poisoning from salmonella or the like. So count your blessings!!


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