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We go to a proper local.  The sort of English pub people think has died a death, squeezed by cheap supermarket booze and huge taxation hikes from the government (because we are all in this together – except the rich and fabulously bonussed).  (More than £1 of every pint you buy in a pub is now taxation.  Makes you spit doesn’t it?)

We had an invite to our local pub, to help celebrate the land and lady lords (you know what I mean) Silver Anniversary.  How many more times will that happen?  It really is a dying breed – a long serving landlord.

Bil and Anita Green have run The Crooked Billet through 4 recessions, and 4 booms (it is hard to get rid of boom and bust – sorry Gordon Brown…).  They still stick to a tried and tested formula of lunch time food seven days a week, in their lovely one-roomed pub.  They live above the shop in this 400 year old building.  The garden is a magnificent array of potted bedding plants, lovingly tended by Bill.  Evening is just for drinking, not eating.

There were 120 regulars there on Saturday.  A great array of buffet food, and too many pints to mention.  We need this sort of place to keep going, and we need to stop non pub politicians making stupidly short-sighted decisions about taxation.

Save our pubs!


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