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Just Cook

I’m involved in a very exciting project – Just Cook!  It is designed to help people with Ostomies – people who have had to have surgery to remove some of their gut or even their bladder, and have a Colostomy ileostomy or urostomy fitted to take it’s place.

Naturally, there are a few rules that have to be adhered to if this happens.  But a lot of the time, people can carry on with their normal diet that they had before their operation.  Sometimes there are consequences – like green leafy veg and salads can cause a very fast and watery flow.  Sometimes people will live with this, or avoid that food.  Everyone is different , I am finding.

There are some good points – you have to eat more salt, because you excrete more than if you didn’t have a bag fitted!

I am having to learn a lot from my nutritionist friends and colleagues and the nurses who do a sterling job looking after and advising their patients.  The first session is in mid April, and I am really looking forward to it.  Yes, a learning curve for me too – but there are ways around most things.  Apart from everyone wanting vegetarian options (and I never know what gas mark to cook a vegetarian on!!) – so suddenly Tofu is top of my shopping list – and the need to have no tomato seeds in anything (so have discovered strained tomatoes – called pasata – in all supermarkets…but never noticed it before).

Fun exciting and potentially very helpful to the audience – what could be nicer?  Just

Cook – that’s what it’s all about.  Keep it simple, and do it from scratch. That’s our philosophy, and I know it will catch on! This is the set we are using for the event.


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  1. Is this the set for a TV programme or an exhibition ? Tell me more, tell me more…

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