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OK – I knew writing a book may get me into trouble.  Our local is a real English pub.  Serves great food 7 days a week  we have been known to go Saturday and Sunday.  Bill and Anita Green have run this jewel of a place for 26 years.  Food every lunch time, and drinking in the evening.  It’s a one room pub, and this set up suits everyone.  So how did the Lasagne wars start?  Well, we popped into the Crooked Billet (Sheepridge Lane, Little Marlow), and Bill greeted us:

“Two Lasgane’s please – Anita.  Someone has ordered two lasagnes.  Oh, it’s off?  Sold out?”

I had no idea what’s going on by now.  Bill pulls out his Kindle.  He had downloaded “Can Men Cook?” from Amazon Can Men Cook and found the following line:

“Once you have learnt to cook this lovely juicy Lasagne you will never have a pub lasagne again”.

Traditional Country Pub in Bucks - Xmas Pub Lunches Marlow

I understood his chagrin.  Actually loads of people will know Bill.  One of the best joke and storytellers around.  He was winding me up.  But it does feel like you might annoy some people.  Some will be offended by the rather naughty jokes in the book.  Some by the sex references. Many by the condescension.

But I didn’t expect to get into trouble for a throw away line about Pub Lasagne.

You will be pleased to know that the Lasagne at the Billet is top notch. As good as mine!  Anita also does a mean Chilli.  And the ham egg and chips, and the Sunday Roasts are really really good.  Book now, or next time I’m in I might be wearing the lasagne!

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