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Doggie Bags

No, I’m not talking about those bags used to take away any excess food you ordered at the restaurant.  Yes, we have all had that ‘eyes bigger than belly’ experience.  Or indeed been surprised at the excessive portions the restaurant served.  But I’m not going to discuss them in great detail.  I am talking about those bags that are used by dog owners to pick up their pooh.  Yep – those doggie bags.

We have been on a walking holiday in Devon.  A lot of the walks are from pubs and are circular in nature.  This means you not only have somewhere to park the car, but also the huge incentive to get back in time for some lunch!  And I have written about some of the more memorable ones and will return to some more of them too.

The bad news is, I have been put off my lunch once or twice by seeing some of these bags on the walks.  I know that 99.9% of dog owners are responsible and altogether pleasant coves.  The imbecilic thoughtless and selfish gits who do half the job really do annoy me.  One owner had thoughtfully hung the well-filled bag over the handle of a kissing gate!  How awful is that?

Just a couple of thoughts here:

  1. Who do they think is going to turn up and remove them?
  2. Why do they bother putting the crap in the bag at all?

One county (Dorset, I think) has a poster campaign on popular walks that has the tag line “Flick it with your Stick”.  Loads of walkers have walking poles nowadays – and they are really useful for walking uphill, pushing brambles out of the path, checking puddle depths – and flicking excrement out of a path and help to fertilize the undergrowth.

Would the selfish bar stewards do this?  No, I think not.  You do see a lot of other waste matter on country walks of course, so as long as the dog has done it’s business in an area that doesn’t have the prospect of children rolling around, then flicking with a stick seems pretty OK to me.

Hanging your doggie bag like a trophy for all to admire proves that some people don’t deserve to own a dog at all.  And I hope I spy one doing it soon.  I’d just love to run up to them with it and say, “Think you’ve forgotten something”.  They’ve forgotten their brain and decency as well as their bag.

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