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Bad Service?

I had occasion to stay at one of those Lodge places – Premier Inn at a business park in Crawley.  I’ve always found them pretty good – it does exactly as it says on the tin.  A simple meal, all bought in I am sure – but served nicely (literally, the good old fashioned prawn cocktail rump steak and chips and ice cream.  I felt like I’d returned to the 1970’s and fallen into a Berni Steak House!)


It all went wrong the next morning.  There were a few car park spaces roped off at the front entrance the night before.  I thought nothing of it, but it became a problem.


They were having some work done on the front of the hotel above the entrance.   I took my luggage out to the car and returned for breakfast.  Although this means I have already left the room and done my teeth, it feels a faster get away is possible.  It does make the first sip of orange juice a bit of taste frightener, but that’s all there is to not like about this efficient use of time.  Or that’s what normally happens.


I tried to get back into the hotel.  They had locked the front door, and were directing (haphazardly) the guests who were trying to leave out of another entrance. I tried to wave and get their attention – to no avail.


So, I walked all round the back, and found someone leaving through a fire exit, so jumped in.  The door was alarmed, so all hell was breaking loose.


Quick breakfast – time is pressing on – found my way out the back of the hotel, and then it happened.  Walked around the front (it is a 90 room hotel, and so takes a bit of walking around).  My car was visible, 20 yards past the entrance, but barred by a jobs-worth and a piece of tape barring my entrance across the work area.  Nothing was happening yet.  I lost it.  “I am effing annoyed now”.  (I regret I didn’t say effiing).  The staff member said there was no need to take that attitude.  I replied, “And there is no need for me to stay at your hotel ever again”.


OK.  It made me feel better, but not much.  And I feel obliged to apologise for my outburst, but all they needed was some sign-age to say how to get back into or exit the hotel.  Not a lot of rocket science there.  But no.

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