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Well, here we go again!  I hope you are settling down / enjoyed the opening ceremony.  I’m writing this just before it starts.  As a non athlete (bit of gym, running and archery and stuff), I am in awe of all athletes.


The hardest thing for me is not to digress into wonder at the paralympians and their own journeys.  There is no difference in the astonishment at achievement.  I can’t imagine how not to ever sound demeaning or condescending – in a “Does he take sugar?” sort of way.  But I am remembering the Olympics (beautifully described as the warm up act by channel 4’s marketers) as the blub fest then I can’t imagine this is going to be anything else.


Bring it on.  And let’s all us brits be proud of what has already been achieved.


(And I hope some of our professional soccer players are watching and get just a little embarrassed at their own silly antics.)

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