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Yes it was National Pie week – last week.  And you didn’t know?  Shame on you!

I didn’t either. But we were away in Devon for the weekend and visited one of our favourite pubs – The Ring O’ Bells in Chagford, on Dartmoor.

It really is a nice place (written before – they do have lunch sized portions as well as large – which suits us fine).

The deal was £10 for a Pie and a Pint – well, we couldn’t resist.  Three were on offer: Beef and Ale; Chicken and Leek; and venison with Juniper and cranberry.  naturally, as I have written this last, you know which one we had.

Hot lard pastry isn’t the easiest thing to make.  When myOld Bull & Bush mate Julian had a go recently, and he managed to get covered in an explosion of flour as he poured the hot fat in.  Unpleasant and a little scary!  But chef at the pub had done wonders as he usually seems to.  Good mash, splendid root veg and cabbage, and a stand alone pie.  Presented with a quarter cut out and pulled back to reveal the wonderful concoction within.

In best “pie” tradition, the gravy was very thin- ‘pie and liquor’  as it was called in London.

The problem with profit in a pub that feeds you so well is that we didn’t have room for pudding.  As ever though, it guarantees our return, sooner rather than later.

I am already looking forward to National Pie week 2014!

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  1. The pub liked this too – even when it isn’t National Pie Week, they do dish out some excellent grub! And there is usually one pie on the menu for the rest of the year, so there is no need to panic…

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