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Haytor in close up

Haytor in close up

Sorry to use the football analogy – I know a lot of you won’t know what I’m talking about.  And for my readers in North America, I am talking Soccer here…).

If a footy game has wildly different ‘winners’ in the first and second periods, then the fairly new cliché (is that an allowable phrase?), then “it was a game of two halves” is a standard phrase from all commentators.

We had a game of lunch and dinner being of such different quality, that I need to report it.

OK – it was late when we arrived at The Forest Inn on Dartmoor.  1.50 pm.  We were a bit worried that lunch service would be over.  In some ways, I wish it had been!  We knew we would have a stunning and big dinner in the evening, so soup all round was the order.  Parsnip and honey sounds good.  Heavy, tasteless, under seasoned, water rather than stock, a baton of frozen to oven bread, and you have the picture.  Worse, the ‘best of’ CD from Wings was on the player.  Everything was not quite right.  Croutons served in small butter dishes – cracked and worn. Not just that, I felt I could do better myself.  At the level that I would and could do it, which is why I don’t.  Because full on kitchen work is completely different from a home kitchen.  And sadly, some gifted amateurs don’t get there.  Or maybe it was just a bad day?

But the evening – oh, what a difference!  The Rock Inn at Haytor.  My goodness, this was a game of another half.  Let’s look at the menu we chose.  There were 4 of us.  Soup – yep, one was brave enough to try parsnip and honey.  Same sort of price.  Different class.  Smaller (yes, size is important), and completely satisfying.  Two tarts – crab variety – subtle and simple and hard to do at home (one of the best reasons for eating out, I think?).  Great leaves and superb dressing.  I had duck leg – little torn pieces with a special set of different leaves from the crab starters.  That’s what you pay for, I suppose. .  We had one salmon, and three guinea fowl.  Fine, fine dining.  Not enormous, but as ever, strangely filling.  Why is it good food fills you better?  It is probably something the get thin quick organisations need to explore!  Great vegetables, and super service – even when the order went wrong.  Two Salmon dinners emerged – and were swiftly taken back after they realised looking at the cutlery; apologies, and sorted in 5 minutes.

The granite quarry at Haytor

The granite quarry at Haytor

I am reluctant to recommend usually, in that a number one chef can’t be there 7 days a week. And the experience could be reversed next time?  But the best places all love their food, and all want you to enjoy it like they do.  It is like the best workmen treat your house like their own.

Long live love!

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  1. Yes – Haytor is certainly a big draw to many – including me! It feels different every time I see it. Mesmeric, magnetic, spiritual and broodingly friendly.

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