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These photos are from the pubs own website – hope they can like the publicity!

This was our best meal so far…

OK – we are in the Lakes for a week.  And we hear it is not a culinary desert.  We’ve visited before – stayed at The Rothay Manor near Ambleside 25 years ago – and it was exceptional then – and still gets great reports.  But we had noticed a lot of sameness about pub menus.  Lots of the reports on advisor sites seemed to say the same. “It was so good we couldn’t finish it – even had to miss breakfast the next day…”.  This worried us a bit.  Not that we have become soft southerners or anything like that, but we had thought that sort of quantity over quality mentality had gone.  No, the 20 ounce gammon Steak with pineapple or fried egg, or both is alive and well here in the North West.  We despaired and ate in a lot…more of that later!

Serendipity was on our side in gorgeously scrummy Hawkshead.  We had visited Town-end – National Trust farm which one family had lived in for 11 generations (near Troutbeck if you want to visit).  And then The Beatrix Potter Gallery…where you can see what a great artist she was.  (And realise that the National Trust and our great National Parks would not be so central to our British way of doing things without her altruistic interventions).

We then had a British panic.  It was 2.35 pm.  Most pubs and full service restaurants stop serving lunch at 2 or 2.30.  Resigned to a sticky bun, we thought – lets just have a drink in here first…

The Queens Head in Hawkshead serves lunch until 3!  We wanted a light snack, so opted for a starter and side of skinny fires to share.  The home-made fish cake was served on a bed of risotto – creamy, fishy and meltingly mouth filling.  It made the fish cake itself seem even fishier.  And it had proper chef’s touches like pea shoots and other shiny morsels, with their own dressing.

Underneath it all, we had a very posh fish and chip lunch.  Do not be fooled – these people know how to cook.  It was the same price as everywhere else, but in a different class to what we have had up to now.  Some places seem to live on a past reputation or just on their views.  The Queens Head crew are there for the food.  They deserve a visit.

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