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Shop Local

“Use it or lose it”  That’s how I feel about local shops.  Many a village has felt it has lost its heart when the little shop closes.  Everyone complains, even though they had all their food delivered by one of the supermarkets…

As one of our butchers says “Your butcher is not just for Christmas”.

Our local village is Bourne End.  It has  a range of shops, including a real butcher, a really special fruit and veg emporium, and two small Co-op supermarkets.  Why two?  Well, I imagine it was to make sure one of the big guys didn’t sneak in?

We do a proper Saturday morning shop.  Butcher first.  That choice will dictate the types of veg – so it has to be that way.  Chicken?  Small will be 4 1/2 lb. And it will have a big breast and heavy old legs – because it lived free range, and ran and scratched and nibbled and had fun.  Sausages?  Meaty, spicy and you can only eat two.  Shin of beef?  I can already taste the dumplings…

Lovely butchers...

Lovely butchers…

Greengrocer - superb!

Greengrocer – superb!

Over to the greengrocer.  Self serve, about 10 people work there – half to keep refilling the shelves!  Always 5 types of spud to choose from.  Always 5 types of mushroom.  And always packed.  Meat at the butcher is at least the same price as supermarkets.  The fruit and veg is always cheaper and better than any supermarket  And still seasonal.

We often then pop into the Co-op for their great cheeses, the milk and other essentials like beer.  And we will already have been to the newsagent for our paper.


Little Co-op

Little Co-op

Look, I know this all sounds old fashioned.  But you would really miss your local shops when they have gone.  Use them or lose them.  They deserve your help.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more Phil and I wish we had more shops such as those you describe. However, my little town (Cleveleys) has many shops, including Butchers, greengrocer, fishmonger, M&S Food, a frozen food shop and Tesco to name but a few. However, it seems that when a shop closes it is replaced by a charity shop, and whilst I have nothing against them, they do rather dominate the landscape. We also have a surfeit of cafes/coffee shops and yet rumour has it that when a shoe shop finally closes (soon apparently) it will become a Costa Coffee house! I shop where I can get what I want easily and for the best price, but I don’t often eat meat so the butcher would starve if he relied on me for a living 🙂 However, it is a nice little town and is always very busy, so they must be doing something right 🙂 xx

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