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The Book Launch

It was very exciting – family and friends, mainly, but we did fill the pub!

Signing - a proper author at last!

Signing – a proper author at last!

It was all warm and cosy (as you can see), and we had a steady stream of visitors – who enjoyed the sandwiches and canapes (I confess to buying them in – having picked up the boxes of books at 12, time was of the essence!).

Loads of customers as well as close friends and family bought one or multiple copies (maybe Christmas helped as an incentive).

Some lovely quotes later:

“We read it together and chuckled a lot”

“We’ve learnt a lot more about you – a bit surprising!”

“I can really hear you saying some of these things, Uncle Phil – it reads like you sound!”

(Last one may be slightly biased, of course.)

Already having customers asking for advice after trying out a recipe – “Could I have used ordinary flour to thicken the onion gravy?” is not  a question I usually get in an e-mail…

It was great fun.  Thanks again to Bill and Anita at The Crooked Billet, Sheepridge Lane, Little Marlow, for hosting the event. 

There will be more.  In the meantime, have a great Christmas, and all good wishes for 2014.

Happy Cooking! (Can’t wait to make my Cranberry and Orange relish now – and the sage onion and chestnut stuffing will be gorgeous too.)


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