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Yes – a really rather splendid time was had by all at yesterday evenings book signing here in Marlow in the UK.  The pub – The Britannia – was a great venue, and Steve, Karen and their teams did us proud.

Katy about to be signed!

Katy about to be signed!

In fact, two of the team have now bought the book – and Katy here, bought it for her man’s birthday present – which was today (the morning after…)

That’s where Can Men Cook is supposed to fit…and most people seem to buy it as a present for someone – or maybe it’s just a cover?  You know – like that old sentence “I have a friend with a problem” – when everyone knows you mean yourself, and we all (being suitably British about this sort of thing) tacitly agree not to say anything, or ask any questions…

It is a little scary not knowing how many people will turn up, but once a few family and friends had, we ended up with other diners and drinkers wondering what was occurring, so that they were drawn like moths to the bright lights!

We passed a bit of a milestone during the evening, passing into treble figures – more than 100 copies of “Can Men Cook?” are now out there.  Hopefully, the next stage will be 500, then 1000…

From tomorrow I hope you will be able to click on the website to order copies, and pay via PayPal.  For the lucky people of Marlow area, I can deliver free of charge – sadly, everyone else will have to fork out for postage and packing…but hey, it’s worth it!  Everyone will have their copy signed.  If you want a special message then just ask me via e mail, and your wish will be granted.

Thanks for reading – and if you have a copy yourself, thanks for that too!  I hope you are enjoying it!



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