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My friend and colleague Nicki Davey took the huge step from working in a charity to setting up her own training and development company. This 5th anniversary event was held at The Salthouse – the venue the run for personal and professional development in Nunney, near Frome in Somerset.

We managed to have a wonderfully vegetarian day – without really meaning to.  100 mile drive, and arriving early meant we had time for lunch in Frome (rhymes with ‘broom’, for non locals…).  Now, when you don’t know a place, it is always difficult to know where to go to eat – apart from The Good Pub Guide, we tend to look for the best decor a restaurant can have – loads of people!  It seems we were lucky to stumble upon The Garden Cafe in Stony Street.  We had specials – flan of the day, and pie of the day.  My pie was a scrummy mix of wild mushrooms and Stilton and walnuts.  What was best though was the accompanying gravy – a rich and very strongly flavoured red wine onion gravy -with lots of herb hints and huge depth of flavours.  The flan was lighter than the pie (as you’d expect) but no less toothsome.  Gorgeous salads, well dressed, and cooked cold cauliflower with a hint of curry flavour.  We were well set!

The gathering - Nicki centre stage

Now onto the main event.  Nicki had her friend Keren – who does the food at all the events at the Salthouse that I have been to.  (Events Horizon has a face book page – check it out! Events Horizon )  Chocolate brownies went down rather too well – but we felt less guilty having the rhubarb and ginger cup cakes – two of your five a day in a cake – what’s not to love?

Later – after speakers and drumming (see Soft Skills blog…), the finger food arrived.  I loved the vegetable curry in very small pots, with rice at the bottom, and a teaspoon to eat it with.  Fun for one – but I did have two!  The cos lettuce leaves filled with Stilton, walnut and a honey glaze (helps to keep the ingredients on the leaf too – nice touch!  And there were about 8 other things too – plus the ability to go back for the left over cake…as well as the cake that Nicki’s mum had made for the day!





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