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I used to work at an old Agricultural Research Centre – The Grassland research Institute at Hurley.  I did 2 lots of 6 months while doing research towards a PhD – but never went to this great pub.  I was meeting with my colleague, Jay Dodson and his dog Izzy (a lovely border collie).  We were making plans for our Old Bull and Bush team building events, and looking for TV opportunities for the format too (I challenge Jay to cook a three course meal that I prepare in a fully equipped kitchen – and he has to do it outside over a fire-pit!).   Anyway!  Lunch was refined and rather good.  Jay chose slow cooked Belly Pork with mustard mash.  beautifully presented as you can see – just don’t know how we managed with only having round plates in our lives before life became quirkily affected by master chef and the like…He left some of the skin – I think normally he might have eaten it – but Izzy needed her fix too.  She isn’t allowed her food until Jay has finished, and I think that hierarchical discipline is essential for dogs – everyone knows their place, and no-one gets bothered at the wrong time.  Perfect!

Phil & Jay's creative lunch!

Phil & Jay’s creative lunch!

20140328_132212 I had pulled pork – barbecued- with chips (triple re-distilled or whatever it’s called) with coleslaw and mixed leaves.  A friday lunch of divine proportions and taste.  It was actually like a very posh burger – even served on quarter burger buns.  But that worked very well. I was almost embarrassed to ask for vinegar and ketchup – but the waiter assured me that he couldn’t remember anyone who hadn’t had that with this particular meal – so I felt much better! A very friendly village (Jay – lives on a narrow boat – has been holed up in Hurley for a couple of months due to the river being in spate – but has felt very welcomed and is enjoying being trapped for the moment!.  It won’t be our last visit together- the ambiance, food, friendliness and beer all help to make our creative juices flow!


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