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I was eating alone tonight – Janie out – so resisted the temptation of a ready meal for one.  We had loads of mushrooms in – so, one of my few ‘veggie’ evenings began!

Timing is everything in cooking.  Mushroom

Mushroom Stroganoff plus extras

Mushroom Stroganoff plus extras

Stroganoff is almost as delicately balanced as Beef Strog is – except that is a might bit scarier if you have £8 worth of steak going in.  Here’s my order of play:

  • Chop a rather small – or half as you are alone – onion into nice large segments, and get them sweating in oil over a low heat (you want them to caramelize a little, not fry instantly)
  • Get the rice on – using the absorption method 3 fluid ounces rice (it works – rice is almost like a liquid for measuring!), into a solid pan, with a good lid – put the rice into melted butter; swirl it around until all the grains glisten. I add half a teaspoon of ground coriander for two – so 1/4 for just me…then 6 ounces of boiling water – stir all rice back down into the liquid, and get that lid on.  Set timer for 13 minutes
  • Wash and chop your mushrooms – I used 7 medium sized ones for me, and add them to the frying pan – swirl them around a bit.
  • 5 mins to go – add  a small glass of dry white wine (or Manzanilla – very dry – sherry for me – not white open!)
  • 1 minute to settle down – then add two dessertspoons of creme fraiche, and a good grating of nutmeg (just adds so much flavour)
  • I stirred two chopped spring onions into the rice after it cooked – just for colour, taste – and one of my five a day!

OK – yes, it was a bit liquid heavy – but served in pasta bowls, with a few chopped tomatoes on for colour and fun again – it was quite good! (You will have to believe me, as I was the only one there, and it’s all gone now!)

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