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“What shall we have to eat tonight – we’ll have to go shopping”

How often does that happen in the mid week in your house?  Well, we remembered having bought 6 salmon fillets but only used 4 of them, so had two left in the freezer.  Not much shopping to do then!

It really was simple.  Boiled a whole gang of new potatoes – which always feels like summer to me.  While they were on the go, and not too soon (after 15 mins to be precise) I started the salmon of in a small frying pan, in some groundnut oil and butter mixed.  I added some extra flavour by putting a few (A large pinch) of fennel seed into the oils.  About 4 minutes, then it’s the turn over time – always tricky with fish – you don’t want it to fall apart! A coupe of scorched fingers later, and we are done.

Simple and fun...

Simple and fun…

I love the way salmon tells you when it is nearly cooked.  The raw look changes colour on the side of the steak until it is uniform.  Isn’t nature wonderful?  At this stage I add a dessert spoon of lemon juice, and squirt some honey on the fish alongside a squirt of balsamic glaze.  Then the pan is covered (tight fitting lid is needed) and heat turned down.  Drained the cooked spuds, added a pat of butter and left them covered to soak up the flavour.  The stir fry mix (we did have to go out for that!) added crunch, colour and yet another flavour – a bit of soy sauce at the end.

20 minutes from cooker on to table.  Hardly time for a G&T!  Keep it simple is never a bad rule in the kitchen.  And this was scrummy!

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