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We had visited the refurbished Salutation Inn a couple of months ago.  It was mad busy, and there was a big wedding on.  I had my favoured River Exe mussels, and Jane had her favourite risotto.  It had all arrived slowly and not all my mussels had opened.  The staff handled it beautifully – removing the cost of the mussels from the bill without telling me.  It seemed such a great place and we loved the new courtyard setting – all glazed – ultra modern against the 16th century building.  So we went back.

It is a bit like you always panic when you recommend a place – just incase someone doesn’t turn in for service, or a supplier doesnt supply, or chef is not on that day or whatever.  We had heard so many great things about The Salutation Inn (click for their web site) that we returned for my birthday lunch.

And – some would say madly – ordered the same light lunch.

Brave or stupid?  Well, it worked.  Just look below:

Don’t need to say much else.  Ambiance – lovely – staff – attentive, smiley, and want to do the job right; wine – available by glass and 500 ml carafe – brilliant in betweeny size. (And bottles of course…).

We have returned – and will again.  The reports are not wrong.  It is an excellent spot, with very special food.  The afternoon teas looked heavenly!



The risotto...

The risotto…

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