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Let’s start at the end. OK – near the end. “I couldn’t possibly eat a whole pudding, so I will just have a taste of Phil’s”. In the end, Jane squeezed in one scoop of ice cream – stunning, home made, sparklingly and deeply vanilla. And don’t you just want that in a pub restaurant? A bit of flexibility and understanding of a lack of space after a quite stunning lunch?

We were with our friends in Cornwall (you will meet Gus and Wendy again because I must tell you about their local which we went to last night). And we have already eaten royally. We continued to be spoilt…


Let’s take you through it. The men were indecisive enough to simplify life to the set lunch. So simple, we both had Ham terrine piccalilli and toast, followed by roasted beef, sautéed potatoes fried egg and pickles. The descriptions on a menu do offer as much help for the reader as when someone tells you their job title. (“I’m in sales…”. Could that be snake oil, arms dealing, the priesthood, or drug dealing? Do you see what I mean?). So let me try a little more…

Look at that terrine. It was madly moist, not salt at all, stunningly aromatic, light and airy. The piccalilli was strangely fresh – Scrummy if it had just been marinated for the day? But it added such a punch and zing, I quite forgot to argue for the non-home made stuff!  I know – it’s the malt vinegar and mustard that I’m addicted to – it is remarkably sad!

The pickles continued into our rather unusual combination of main.Cold beef, sautéed potatoes, mild horseradish cream and a fried egg…sounds strange – but just look and be jealous! It was as good as it looks…

As was the crab mayonnaise starter (with broad beans and pea shoots – divine!).  And Lemon sole fillets, salt & vinegar potatoes with whitebait and tartare butter – a wonderfully fresh and fishy main (and you didn’t ever think ‘they are trying to re-invent fish and chips’.  You just ate it quietly and reverentially).

Look, the pictures do tell half the story.  The food completes it – nearly.  The staff make it…the place is full of people who love what they do.  It’s not rocket science.

Go.  It is a splendid place.

Crab Mayonnaise starter

Cold beef pickles - but different!

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