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That’s not a quote from me…it was a Tory Peer – Baroness Jenkin, whilst on a visit to a food bank.  I’m not here to promulgate political divisiveness.  She did suggest that those on low income could and should eat porridge “at 4p a portion”.  That assumes no milk or honey, and making it with water, and no cooking/washing up costs…

Jay Dodson and I did that as our standard breakfast – cheap oats cooked in water – when we did the ‘live on a pound a day’ challenge in the spring. It was hard with just salt and no milk…and the whole diet was quite boring and repetitive.  It was do-able, but no fun at all.  In fact, we have porridge daily at home, but do have the luxury of full fat milk, and honey on top…so, a lot more than 4p a portion!

But it does make you think about cooking from scratch.  As I freely admit, we don’t do that everyday.  I like the occasional bought in pizza (I cook it in the oven – just too mean to buy from a delivery place!).  And there is joy in an M&S £10 meal deal (other deals are available from other supermarkets – they’re just not as good!).  We do the take away selections form other supermarkets – and crispy duck pancakes are as good as eating out.  The Indian, and other regional foods are all really good too…

Like when cooking form scratch though, I do tend to add to what is there, or cook something extra.  We have steak and a lovely medley of vegetables tonight from M&S.  I will do some of my famous part cooked in microwave and finished in the oven rosemary chips to go with these things.  It does help to have some cooking skills – and it is not that difficult.

The Advert!

The Advert!

That was the whole premise behind writing and publishing “Can Men Cook?”  I still have some left from the print run.  I’m sure Baroness Jenkin would like one.  And maybe someone in your life too – great last minute pressie!!  Click onto the website for more details:

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