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Isn’t it lovely when you are visiting friends and they request you to make one of your favourite dishes?  Such a feather in cap moment!

We tried for frozen chicken livers at our butchers.  “We can’t get them now.  The supplier has done an exclusive deal with Tesco, and they won’t let them supply small businesses”.  OK – I’m only getting one side of the story here, but if true, my chagrin muscle is overwrought.

Britain's Best Dish Pate

So we got a pack in the supermarket…50p a pack – amazing value nutrition!

You have to defrost thoroughly before use – I usually leave it overnight in the fridge.  Open it up, and chop it in the pot – scissors work well.  This saves losing any of the liquid (bloody, and tasty…).

I remember when I was on Britain’s Best dish that Gilly Goolden, one of the judges, said “He must be worried about his knife skills as he is chopping it with scissors…” You can hear the judges discussing you while you perform – a little off putting…  Anyway, it worked out well, as I won my heat.

Fry off the chopped livers slowly in a mix of olive oil and butter.  Keep them moving, and add 3 medium sized button mushrooms – chopped fine.  Keep it all mobile, so the livers don’t char or overcook (they do taste burnt and mmetallicif you let them overcook) . In the meantime, zizz up one small slice of bread and a garlic clove in the food processor.  Zest your orange into it.  Zizz it up – and sniff the lovely spicyness…Heady, hey?

Now, add the cooked mushrooms and livers – zizz quickly for a few seconds.  Add the juice of the orange to the frying pan – and let it reduce a bit.  Transfer that to the processor.  Add the table spoon of Grand Marnier (or Drambuie, or cCointreauor even brandy) to the pan, allowing it to steam a bit.  Add that to the rest of the stuff in the processor – and now give it  agood 20 seconds, until it is fairly well mixed but still has a little slightly textured – which feels quite nice when you eat it.

The whole is lightly wet looking – spoon it out into a small serving dish and cover after about 30 mins of cooling.  It will the keep in the frdge for at least 24 hours – bu will never last that long!  You will have devoured it…

(film of me on TV making this…)

Eat with French stick, or warm Griddle Sones – as you se in the Britain’s Best Dish photo above…but you can find that full recipe if you look in my book – which you can buy on-line… Can Men Cook Banner Black



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