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You saw the pic in my sister Jeans Scouse. It looks darker than mine…and I had promised the liquor to be more colourless. I sent her the blog, and now know why!

Jean adds a bovril stock cube, and a dash of Daddies brown sauce! So it is bound to be a little darker.

Scouse will be like all other favourite locally famous or even national dishes. Think of Lasagne, or Biryani, or Spaghetti Bolgnese, or a welsh Rarebit. There are always going to be nuances, favourite secret added bits, or something mum always added…so you do. And maddeningly, even if you use the same ingredients, the end product will be slightly different every time!

And you will never hear such deeply held convictions about the right way to cook things as you will about these favourites.

Do your own thing.  And just enjoy!

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