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I needed to get out and get my head straight – walk to town, haircut, battery in the watch etc.  Then, a quick lunch and swift half at my local-est  hostelry – The Britannia, Little Marlow Road, Marlow.

At my book signing - last year in the Brit

At my book signing – last year in the Brit

I’ve written about The Brit before.  Steve and Karen have been there a bit over 2 years now, I guess?  It really does fill an eclectic market need.  More later – but I loved my quick lunch from the new (and quite long) menu.  The choice is a varied as the clientele!

I had a sort of semi healthy flat bread, filled with slightly spicy and very tasty meatballs in tomato sauce.  It was a large portion, made even more substantial with 4 unctuous potato wedges.  I ate slowly, having loads of ideas for projects and plans in between bites. The menu as I said varies from big mains like ribs and chicken combos, thorugh bar snack style starters like olives and dipping wings, through healthy grilled skewers.  I’m just sad at the demise of Ham Egg and Chips!  (One of my fave ways to check a place out…good ham, hand carved, very fresh eggs and chips that are obviously at least twice fried…you know you have good chefs and great suppliers.)  Probably I was the only one who ordered it?

Varied menu?  Varied diners too!  Yesterday I saw just in my half hour:

  • Two older guys – either widowers or had escaped the shopping – anyway – having a lovely chat and banter with staff, as well as having very naughty knicker-bocker glory style ice cream puds.  They wouldn’t have been allowed that f they were with their partners!
  • A IT company team.  Overheard one say “But courses are so last century!” – and almost got involved to remonstrate and thought – not worth the effort…maybe I should have?
  • Loads of parents and daughters.  Probably many a story to be overheard there – but lovely to see.
  • Mum’s who lunch – with their charges easily catered for too – and staff sort of keep the babies sepaarte from the rest of the diners – unobtrusively
  • Finally – son and dad – dad quite infirm, had to be helped to his feet, on his stick.  Still came over to see boss Steve – “Just want to congratulate you – this place is first class.  The food is excellent, and the staff are brilliant”

He had no need to do that.  Better in many ways, than a tip.  That was so good, I thought.  All staff are busy, smiley get on and get on with it – as well as having time to chat.  Makes the food taste better, I’m sure, and makes you want to return?

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