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It is one of those eternal excitements of home life.  “Have we got anything in for dinner?”  It is one of those phrases that either strikes you dumb with fear, and wonder if you can get away with Weetabix for dinner, or beans on toast (“sorry, assumed you’d bought the bread?”).  And you can’t go take away or out again…

Or are you in the second group?  The ones who get excited by the challenge of having to pull some eclectic bits together? on it needs more explanation!

…read on it needs more explanation!

Well, this is what happened last night.  Three strips of Pastrami. An oldish tomato. 5, week old mushrooms. (See how important commas are?). 2 days past sell by date washed pack of spinach. And some eggs – cheap because they are different sizes (why ?) (No, why are they cheaper?)

So, I fried the mushrooms slowly.  Blasted the spinach in the microwave as suggested.  Got the eggs on to poach (slow rolling boil of salted water; transferred to pan via a tea cup – easier to get them not broken yolked, and controlled into the water.

5 minutes from “What shall we have” to “Mmm!”  OK – a bit snacky, and would have added some fried potatoes if we had any, but it was lovely, tasty and quick.  And also, I bet 90% of people would have chucked out the spinach, the pastrami and the mushrooms.  I hate waste and checked them suspiciously, and sniffed (I do prefer smell by to sell by…). Can’t go wrong. Oh, the tomatoes had a few ripped bits of Basil from an old basil plant sitting in the kitchen…just loads of tastes.  Looks a bit healthy, too?

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