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We had all the local family around for Mothering Sunday Lunch – great fun – rolled leg of pork, with excellent crackling – even though I say so myself..  But it was so good, we had few leftovers.  A Sunday roast with no leftovers?  “Gasp”, I hear you cry!  Well, we did have two toddler sized pieces of meat, and a few veggies.  And if you put it on small enough plates – it does look fine (and we had pudding leftover too – so what am I moaning about?)

Gorgeously tasty and filling...

Gorgeously tasty and filling…

Indeed.  Michelle (and Finley, our Great nephew ) both LOVE (yes, it deserves capitals), gravy.  I had made such a vat of it, there was well over a pint still there to use.  It had wine, rosemary, the juices from the roasting dish (minus the fat 🙂 – just siphoned out the black gorgeousness with our baster, leaving the fat behind…so what to do?

Janie looked up a recipe for French Onion Soup.  This involved slow cooking the Kilo of onions (honestly – we only used about a pound and a bit), in olive oil, and a bit of butter. 30 minutes of stirring and henning over it to stop any browning or sticking. Then render it down a bit more with some sugar (two teaspoons, and a tablespoon of sherry or white wine vinegar.  She added a bit of flour, then we poured in the gravy / sauce / stock – which ever you prefer to call it!  Then we added some lightly toasted croutons (look – it was a bit of stale tiger bread) with some slices of cheddar and a bit of Parmesan on – microwaved for 30 seconds to melt it (it is Tuesday- can’t be bothered with a Grill tonight).

So an excellent meal.. The only new bit was the onion. Everything else was left over from Sunday.  Almost free, really.  Makes it taste even better!


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