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Well, we had to try it – it is in walking distance!  Tom Kerridge’s new and very different venture.  And it is quite excellent and a very different dining experience….read on!

So what’s different?  It’s a busy, pubby atmosphere, but it feels very welcoming.  Staff are attentive – and proud, it seems.  You can’t really fake that.  No bookings taken – you sort of queue with a drink.  The place is tight – almost caravanista in its style of design.. Everything is down to millimetres of space.  It is all used well 9as it is in a caravan or house boat) and it actually creates part of the fun of the place. it is crowded, busy, fun, intimate and a recipe for having to chat to the person next to you.  44 covers – and about 1/3rd of those are around the bar.  You could easily eat here alone, and not feel alone.

Heres the link to their (changing) menu:  The Coach

We went for the bar stools.  And were pleased they were the ones nearest to the open kitchen.  You do get to talk to chef (who on the day was the head chef of the establishment).  This did make it even more fun, for me.

The open kitchen

The open kitchen


So, food?  You can tell which are larger by the price.  It is sort of big starter with huge depth of ingredient and flavour.  Some are bigger than that – but don’t be surpassed if you think “Oh – is that it?”  Don’t just eat with your eyes here.  Get on with eating.  Like my Moule Mariniere were not like any I have ever had.  No shells.  Finished with Guinness foam.  And a tiny, but fully formed treacle bread. It feels small.  But it isn’t.  The ingredient list is extensive.  And that level of chopped shallot carrot and whatever else was lurking in there was at surgical precision level.

Posh, scrummy Chips. Have them...

Posh, scrummy Chips. Have them…

Janie had this amazing Scotch Egg – but had white fish replacing the sausage meat.  Gorgeous again, and yet again very satisfying.

Startling different scotch egg

Startling different scotch egg

We shared a pudding (Whisky and Rye pudding – a sort of British take on Rum Baba, chef informed us whilst plating up – this is the fun of the place!) and followed with Machiato coffees (which were also fab).

Pud - as it should be!

Pud – as it should be!

It is a fun place.  Enjoy the variety of offerings throughout he day – from breakfast to coffee and cake, to lunch and afternoon snacks, then dinner – it is worth the wait.

Drinks, coffees and all those bits – just over 40 quid.  Didn’t need dinner.  And the team are so positive and enthusiastic.  Lovely.


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