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There’s a lot of competition for your hard earned cash in the eateries of York. We had arrived mid afternoon. Had had a majorly meaty few days – so tried our luck early doors with a place that was full at 6 pm, and turning people away from the full restaurant from 6:30. This bodes well- or maybe just have very few covers?!

I shouldn’t have worried. Authentic down to very chatty waiting staff and bar manager (we got in by having a set of high stools right at the bar…you do see it warts and all there!). We were tired enough not to want to think…so ‘intro to tapas’ brought us 6 plates, 3 of them veggie. Calamares, (felt like we were in Spain) Meatballs in chilli and lemon grass (lovely subtle spices, and probably the most fought over dish!), caramelised Chorizo with potato…I can hear you salivating! Mushrooms with caramelised shallots and a perfect vegetable risotto. We had a flight of sherries with this – recommended excitedly by the waiting team – and it does work perfectly. So much so, we booked for the next day to have chicken and seafood paella…and here is that review!

And it was worth returning. The paella felt very authentic – including the 35 minute cooking time. Felt almost like you were on a beachfront in Nerja…

Paella for two

Paella for two

We didn’t want to spoil it by filling up on big starters, so had a Fino flight of sherries with olives and mixed nuts.  The paella arrived totally moist, steamy and heady. Sharing a whole frying pan of the dish felt like too full on to start, but it wasn’t. I suppose the slight hint of heat, the freshness of the fish, the chicken having absorbed so many flavours, and the rice just sucking up everything…lets just say the crianza Rioja was not overwhelmed, but enjoyed itself in fine company.

It is worth booking.  Great find.  Enjoy the food and the people.  Staff are a great added extra!


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