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Time taste and tide wait for no man…

Are you a tea person?  Have you been a tea bag junkie for years – like us? It feels easier, quicker, less mess, less hassle?

Like a ready meal, or a courier delivered pizza?

I want to let you into a secret world of taste.  Loose-leaf tea and the tea pot (Sounds like a new novel?).

Our lovely tea-pot!

Our lovely tea-pot!

We got this gorgeous little see-through tea pot for Christmas (Thank You Suzanne and Jim!).  We used it with tea-bags (d’oh).  There is hardly any choice of leaf tea at our medium sized local supermarkets.  And the last time we used our tea-strainer was to remove dead tropical fish from our tank!  So, a new one had to be purchased first…

Finally found some tea – ostensibly the same brand and type as the last tea-bags.

But there, dear reader, the similarity ended.

Two spoons, after warming the pot and rinsing with boiling water.  Stir.  3 minutes, and strain to serve.

The reward?  More nuanced flavours, greater depth, smoky and tangy gorgeousness.

Forget fast tea.  Go get some leaves!  And your roses will love the occasional wash out from your pot!  It is not much more effort – like a lot of food and drink – but let me tell you, you will be thanking me later…

Comments on: "In praise of the tea-pot" (3)

  1. Mike O said:

    They’ll be none of this on the good ship Otter next week!!

  2. Well – tea bags are safer on board!

  3. it’s the good teas that gives a good tea taste. Nothing else.

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