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Can Men Cook?

I have a friend I met through a writing group called Ruth Holroyd.  Ruth told us fascinating stories about her own allergies – and as a cook, I often freak out with panic when a guest tells me they ‘have an allergy’.  So I set some questions for Ruth to try to give me (and you) a greater insight.  Here is how the interview went:

Here's Ruth - contact details at end of article Here’s Ruth – contact details at end of article

Hi Ruth – most of us know someone who has allergies – hay fever, some asthmas and the like.  We also know of extreme reactions – like to bee stings and nut allergies, which are not just ‘reactions’ – they can be fatal.  I assume there are lots in between?

There are four main categories. 1) Anaphylaxis which is the really scary swelling of the throat which can be fatal.  2) Allergies can also affect breathing…

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