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Latest food scare…

“Processed meat ranks alongside smoking and asbestos for cancer”

Hmmm. So the end for your bacon butty?

Look, I was totally on the cutting edge today.  A heated up Sausage leftover in a roll – how hard am I???

We all know smokers who don’t get cancer.  And vegetarians who get bowel cancer.  And we all know that less processing means usually your food is more fulfilling.  But what is the WHO on about?  Well, the evidence does suggest a link to an excess of cancers – but not at Asbestos levels – or smoking (And smoking has much harsher effects on the lungs (97% of 20+ a day smokers will get obstructive airways diseases like emphysema and bronchitis), and smoking also affects the heart.  And Sugar is implicated enormously in creating a lump of fat kids who will die earlier than their parents, in the UK.

There are far worse things to have a treat with. And my Uncle Wilf, who died at 92, had a bacon buttie for breakfast every single day.  He was a butcher.  And a gentleman.  And the WHO should have asked him!

I’m going to continue to live dangerously, but in moderation…

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