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OK. Three hours of cooking and washing up…just for once, it felt like being in a professional kitchen.  You know, that horrible feeling of lack of control because you are prepping 5 different dishes.  Only one casualty. A plastic egg slice got too close to the flame…so it is in the bin now.  Otherwise, ok!


Here’s the bits:

  1. Get the beef in beer stew fried off and into the slow cooker
  2. Make the cranberry sauce
  3. Make the Chicken Liver – orange infused – Pate
  4. Wash up….
  5. Make the sage and onion stuffing
  6. Make the Chestnut and Apple stuffing

Beef in beer was easy – just fry off an onion, then the beef (coated in flour and paprika) and a mushroom.  Wash out the pan with London Pride beer.  Add a bit of salt and pepper, Lea and Perrins and mushroom ketchup.  It sitting there now, waiting for us later…will put dumplings in about 6, to eat at 7:30 With mash and mashed carrot and swede.

Cranberry sauce – easy peasy.  Cranberries into a pan.  Add the zest and juice of an orange. Slow boil for 10 mins.  Add cloves, ginger and cinnamon.  Mash with potato masher (yes – it works).  And let cool for tomorrows feast…after adding a little port!

Pre cooking panic...

Pre cooking panic…


All on the go

All on the go


Chicken Liver Pate?  On the web site.   Not hard – and always goes down well at dinner parties.  We are having it on blinis…

And then the two stuffings.  Both based on sausage meat as the lubricant. The Sage and Onion (guess what’s in that then?) also has breadcrumbs and  a beaten egg.  The chestnut and apple (yep, you guessed right) has a bit of mushroom too.  I put the sage one under the breast skin of the turkey.  The chestnut and apple is in a small Le Creuset casserole and will cook in the oven alongside the turkey – not everyone likes it – so more for me!!!!

And all ready to go!

And all ready to go!


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