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Left over Phil

“We’ve had leftovers all day”. It felt like an accusation from Janie it wasn’t. It was a comment based in fact. And actually good taste – both eco and money wise, as well as in the tastiness of the food.

I did counter that at least our morning porridge wasn’t recycled!  Having said that, it was leftover led all the way from then on!

Lunch was simple. Half a pot of bought in soup (sorry, expediency does happen sometimes, midweek when you are desperate to have something quickly. Some seem quite good to me!). Adding some lemon juice, a bit of watering down, and a mushroom or two…and two day old bread (microwaved to revive it, as it was dried out). Plenty for lunch – and we managed a pud too. Left over from yesterday of course. Thanks Karin! Cold and with a bit of left over cream, a fabulous lemon soufflé .

Dinner? It had to be built around two sausages, kept in fridge last two days after cooking on Sunday. Just too good to miss. I chopped them into very small bits. Fried off a shallot ( just love their sweet power, but not their hyper lacrymating effect), a few almost wrinkly dark chestnut mushrooms, chopped finely, a few bits of old basil leaves (last day of an aged plant). Garlic, dried mixed herbs and a bit of lemon juice and Worcester Sauce. Threw in a few tomatoes, and tomato purée and Bob is your veritable uncle.

We had it with linguine. And of course, some grated Parmesan. Just love the warm glow that happens for what feels like a pretty free meal. Just do it more. You know it makes sense!

£700 per family – £12 billion a year in UK


I think Jamie Oliver’s Food Waste Campaign is spot on.  His web site has many ‘how to use leftovers’ tips, as well as how not to create too much in the way of leftovers in the first place!  See it here – click on the blue bit!


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