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Keeping it Simple

Janie is always extorting me to embrace this basic truth.  “Shall we have another veg with this?”  “I think the vinaigrette needs something along with the other 9 ingredients…” . “I’m sure we should have some nibbles while people are arriving – oh, and how about if I did some Chicken Liver Pate too – and maybe I should make some Soda Bread too?”

OK.  I know.  It’s not just showing off.  It’s a basic panic over-reaction, in a just in case anyone starves – it won’t be at my table…

Not very confident, really?  You should trust to simplicity!  Maybe more people would cook from scratch then?

It does help if you start with top notch ingredients.  We were visiting our friends who have just moved to Winchcombe in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds.  We knew we were only having a light, soup level lunch.  So we popped into the local butchers, and grabbed a couple of pork loin steaks (being a butcher, they were cut from a joint – not cut two days ago and shrink wrapped…).

And yes, they were fab!

We had some Courtenay carrots (the little fat ones) – scrubbed, topped n tailed, blasted for 1 min in the microwave, then roasted in butter and olive oil at 170 in our fan oven. Added a bit of honey with 5 mins to go – they love it…

Small new spuds – again, just scrubbed and boiled.  Bit of butter and a pinch of  sea salt crystals.  Done!

I did the steaks slowly in a small frying pan.  Added a couple of mushrooms, some salt and pepper and a sprinkle of oregano.  The mushrooms bled a bit of dark – so when they were all cooked (about 12 minutes) I chucked in a glass of white wine.  And that made the sauce you can see below. Will try to keep keeping it simple…

Just fab, in 30 minutes

Just fab, in 30 minutes



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