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OK – two stage move to the Cotswolds.  Currently, staying in Cheltenham.  And enjoying some fine dining, and some good pub grub.

We discovered The Royal, near the Church in the centre of Charlton Kings on our first night after moving – recommended by The Charlton Kings Hotel (we were B&B there).  Very tired after the packing, we walked down, and quite frankly couldn’t begin to remember what we ate!  Asleep at 9…but resolved to return.  We did, then booked in for a ‘welcome to new home’ family and friends Sunday Lunch.

(see their web site here)

Eight of us.  One smaller person who can eat more than someone 10 times his age!  And 7 adults.

The Royal

We all went for the Roasts – lamb, beef or pork.  With Crackling.  And extra gravy (M has to have extra gravy.  At home, she always goes last, and finishes it after the same sentence “Everyone had gravy?” – followed swiftly by pouring and glugging sounds!).

Let’s get this Sunday lunch stuff straight here.  It is now the biggest service of the week in most places we go to.  It does vary – from sad carvery, with frozen mixed veg, to pretty presentable, but obviously bought in, to the posh end where chef not only loves what goes out of her or his kitchen, but it always looks good when you get to see it.  This is why you pay £5 a head or £20!  The Royal is not exorbitant in pricing, but is absolutely top end in style, food and ingredient quality and in presentation.

What always makes a difference too are the staff.  The kitchen is semi open.  You can see and hear the hard work – but it is quiet.  And the front of house team?  Just love what they do, are attentive and modern interaction (not old fashioned obsequious and over humble).  Leanne led the team on the day in our section.  And they couldn’t have been better with us and with the little guy.

Cant fault the place.  Great for a drink or a full on 32nd anniversary meal (4 days after Sunday Lunch).  Leanne said to someone else on the staff (I overheard…nosey person) “They were here Sunday…”  Nothing more said – but they obviously want you to keep returning.  And they used raspberry coulis to write a 32 on each of our pudding plates!

Great team.  great food.  Lovely atmosphere.  And yes, we will return!


Comments on: "And now – Cheltenham!" (2)

  1. Stu’s family live near there in Charlton Kings so I can catch up when I’m there next! 😉 enjoy the new place


  2. Thanks Karen – we are enjoying!!

    Phil xx

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