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Food Gifts

I’m talking about receiving here, not giving.  Giving, we will cover another time!

People have allotments, or growing patches in their gardens. Or a fruit tree. And they are often very generous with their produce!

Our lovely local, The Plaisterers Arms in Winchcombe had some very local plums on the bar last night. A very Lewis Carroll sign pronounced “Eat Me”. So we did. Ash told us they came from next door. They traveled well!

Later, she offered two enormous figs, which were not going to be eaten. We gratefully accepted them. They smelt gorgeous.


What to do with them?

You can see we fancied a starter sized snack.  I chopped them in half.  Added a roughly folded slice of Parma ham between them.  Hiding beneath the other bits A heritage tomato from Mudwalls.  Lovely colour and flavour. Cubes of cheddar – extra mature, and a sprinkling of Parmesan shavings. A squirt of balsamic glaze, some honey, and then cider vinegar drizzled on, leaves from our two week old living salad and a few basil leaves ripped over.  And a few strawberries left over from a cream tea extravaganza.  Squeeze of lemon, and Robert is most definitely your fathers brother.

Thanks Ash.  And next door for growing them.  Just unctuous. Mmmm.


Comments on: "Food Gifts" (2)

  1. Ashleigh Welch said:

    Your most welcome Phil. Glad the figs went to a good home. The dish looks amazing…

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