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Curry Night at The Plaisterers.


Just occasionally I really do not want to write a blog.

It’s not laziness or because I never review anything that’s so bad I can’t write anything at all.

It’s this type.  When I am so enchanted, I just don’t want anyone else to know, in case I can’t get in.


Kamal, chef artiste at the Plaisterers Arms in Winchcombe, hails from Sri Lanka.  He does fusion so well, I suppose because he has lived it.  But it is just a fascinating and all consuming experience eating the standard menu (and that undersells it). But when he is in his own food history, his own element, the love gets deeper.


“Prawn,Chorizo & Lentil stuffed squid, Pickled Cucumber, Fennel & Onion salad, Mild Curry Sauce”.  Would you have chosen that starter? It’s a blimmin’ first chapter of a book! And omg, it told a story…look at the photo.  We are in a good drinking pub, Irish and dark and warm and friendly.  And then, you get this put in front of you…and your nose is assaulted with flavours ready to be savoured.  Nothing dominated.  Nothing was wasted.  Nothing was added that didn’t need to be.  Just lovely.

Two mains: Pork dopiaza, Tomato and cumin rice, Dhal Makhani, Mango Chutney.  And, Black Lamb Curry, Tempered Cassava, MalayPickle, Pumpkin and Mustard Curry.


Hard to know where to start! Ok. I had the lamb.  And it was black. And it was sumptuously energised by its sauce.  Which the Cassava (looking a bit like roast parsnip, but more floury?), just drank up and enjoyed…and we enjoyed them even more for their thirst! The Malay pickle was honeydew fresh.  The pumpkin – ridiculously scrummy!

The pork? Hit your taste buds less hard, but that softer feel was fun to experience in the one mouthful I was allotted….but that mango chutney was not like anything you have normally had in yer standard place…and that’s the whole point here.

Yes, it’s called a curry night.  Yes, we had lovely eastern background music.  Yes we had too much to eat ( did I add the pudding? Assiette of desserts? Gulab Jamun, Spiced Rim & Dark chocolate Wonton, Passion fruit mousse, Honey Hopper, (like a crispy pancake of honey), Rulag Aluwa. Sorry…forgot…), yes we had too much too eat…in case you forgot where we were…



The Assiette of desserts – Divine!

But you know what? It really wasn’t your standard curry night.  It really was in a different echelon.

Kamal patently is an artist.  A different league.  And lives it. And loves it.  And so do we.

(Please check at the next special curry evening when you try to book.  If my name isn’t on the reservation list, you will have to wait.  Sorry.  It’s my new law….)

Thanks Liz, Ash And team.  And especially Kamal.  Stunning.


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