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What to do to break up a 200 mile journey to your holiday destination? Lunch on the way, of course. And I can think of no better way to start a holiday than in The Glasshouse at The Salutation Inn.

Topsham is well served for food outlets. There’s straight pub grub and many a gastronomic pub. And a lot of restaurants. And this hotel, which converted what would have been the entrance for Carriages in the 1850s. A dead courtyard space has been glazed over to make an indoor outdoor style eating experience particularly pleasant.

There is one item if available on a menu that I find hard to resist. Moule Mariniere. I tend to stop reading as soon as I see it there. These are local, River Exe dwellers. What’s not to love? We only wanted lightish lunches, so J had an open local Devon Ruby beef sandwich. And I just had the starter size of the mussels.


Topsham Mussels

I just wish you could sniff too…


They arrived with the usual aplomb and accompaniments. Lots of bread for mopping up the unctuous liquour. A bit of salt free butter (on a tiny bit of slate – lovely touch). A finger bowl to wash up your stickiness afterwards. And reverential silence as you sniffed the fabulous mixture of garlic, shallot, wine, herbs and samphire.  And it’s that level of ingredient that sets this place apart.  Samphire – sometimes called Poor man’s Asparagus, (shape not taste, I think), – is just a perfect accompaniment to any fish. Far more expensive than just parsley or similar additions.  And it signifies  the attitude level of the chefs here.  Only the best ingredients are good enough

I am sorry the innovators of the IT world can’t let you scratch and sniff the photos yet. One day. Suffice to say I had to tell our servers that I felt I had died and gone to heaven. Perfect food. They suggested a dry Rose to complement the food, and boy, it did.

The beef wasn’t bad either…actually, it was amazing too.  Take a look…

Topsham Beef

Lovely non rushed service, tight and calm and professional and involved. What a fabulous start to a holiday. We managed to get the last table…book to prevent the potential for missing an absolute treat.

And here’s the other things you shouldn’t miss – the choice of Patisserie fantastical creations, and a beautifully constructed Macchiato – the king of coffees for my taste.  A sort of tiny Guinness style concoction, with the head on the Espresso replaced with frothy milk.  A fabulous ending…


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