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The No.5 experience – Lockdown style

OK. We are very lucky to have a multi award winning restaurant in our little Winchcombe town. And it is justifiably feted. I’ve seen Gus (chef proprietor Marcus Ashenford) more since lockdown than before. He’s usually hidden in his restaurant kitchen – tiny, as often seems to be the case. But he is volunteering delivering fruit and veg from our lovely local greengrocer (and more, as Adam and Clare expand their offering). So are we, so we do spy each other more and more!

Now, a joint venture has begun between No. 5 and No. 4 – Winchcombe Fruit and Veg is literally opposite. You can go on line at to order anything from the shop itself, plus ready to reheat meals cooked by Gus’s fair hand. We had to have a go. Churlish not to?

Here’s how the food comes to you

We had two single meals together for the two of us. Asparagus Walnut Shallots. As it described itself. Yes, a meal in itself for one. And you could add some of your own veg if you wanted. I can recommend a good greengrocer! And that would keep it plant based if you wished.


But we added Venison Sausage Cassoulet. OMG. The combination was stunning. I added some lovely little tomatoes as a sort of half way line. Looks good doesn’t it? Not quite as madly cheffy as you would get at the restaurant. But hey, it’s my take.


You should all try. You can easily live with Gus’s main course on its own.  Or use just one between two and add your own bits. But also enjoy one of the veggy bits as a starter or accompaniment. And definitely have a pudding.

This is as good as going out is ever going to get. And certainly that good at the moment…

We cannot wait until tomorrow and trying the slow cooked brisket….

Excited?  We are!

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