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Beans on toast

The evening after the extravaganza that was Old Bull and Bush training day was a tired but happy occasion.  A beer, then thinking about food for us at home.  The cooking team had not used the venison steaks, so they were available.  But I really couldn’t face any more cooking or fine dining after the spread created by the team.  It’s a bit like when you have been on holidays and had meals out a lot, or been on one of my training courses at a hotel – which tend to be eat-athons.

You just want something simple.  And quick.  And tasty.

And in that situation nothing gets close to beans on toast.  Nothing compares or competes.

Naturally, I faff about a bit, adding some lemon juice to the already fine Branston Low Sugar and Low Fat beans (with no added sweeteners – which just seems daft to add fake sweet instead of sugar).

RANT:  When you buy ‘low fat’ anything, just check the labels.  You will often find the tasty and quite healthy fat has been replaced with corn syrup or other sugar.  I firmly believe that sugar and sugar addiction makes us more obese than dietary fat.  Cheap groundnut oil, often grown in plantations that used to be Amazonian rain forests not only contribute to global warming, but also make us more likely to be fat.  The easiest thing to do is buy less convenience stuff – which they can adulterate – and make more of your dinners from scratch.  You then have control.  You can find a lot of advice in my book, “Can Men Cook?”  You will also find stories and jokes.  I think it may be the first cook book you can read like a novel!

But beans are good.  Three minutes from tin-opener to gob.  What’s not to love?

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