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The Britannia, Marlow

“A nautically themed pub with reassuring grub”.  Well, their web-site certainly hits the mark for shortest most accurate description!  The Britannia – just a year since it was remodelled from an uninviting sprawl of a pub that looked too big, but had little room before, and now is a bright and airy higgledy piggledy sort of place – and always seems to be full!  Jane always says “The best decor a restaurant can have is loads of people”.  The decor gets you in there – the friendliness and reassuring grub help you to stay – and return.

I’ve never had a good local in walking distance for years.  I still feel The Brit is food plus drink, not food or drink (which I think very few people have managed to satisfy both the serious drinker and the sitters and eaters).  It does this very well though.

Just click here for the daily menu – and you can see what I mean.  There are faves like Ham Egg and Chips, and pies, as well as pretty tasty and healthy salads.  I had the Goats Cheese salad – and it felt so healthy, I had a pudding too!  Puddings often feel a profit making addition in most places.  Here?  Apple pie and ice cream or custard – £2.95!  Or you can just have a 99 ice cream…which seemed a very common order amongst the early retirees near to my seat.  Another major group is well catered for – yummy mummies!  They cater well for people with prams.  A good niche of people who are not really targeted in other pubs and restaurants.  Well done McMullens.

Another simple and clever innovation is portion size.  Look at Ham Egg and Chips.  (ham, incidentally, is hand carved and really good, not plastic shrink wrapped stuff).  The L (light) has one egg, Regular 2 and King Size 3 – with all the other ingredients getting larger up the sizings too.  So if you know you are having a big dinner – you can still light lunch successfully.  I really like this simple idea – and it is beyond some other places I have complimented who tend to have a light and regular – which is a great start.  This just gives even more flexibility.


Free wi-fi, good beer, and a bit of a buzz about the place.  Certainly worth a visit.

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