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100% Horsemeat

Well, at least the beefburgers were not contaminated with beef!  As I said in a previous post, I really don’t think this is the point.  Most people are now blaming the FSA (Food Standards Agency) for not testing enough.  Sorry – they are not the culprits here.  I don’t think it is even the producers.

Government needs to show spine and leadership on this. We usually call them “leaders” – but they don’t appear to be intervening a lot – except to add a 291st recommendation onto the 290 that the Mid Staffs report already contained…another story!)


Food labelling is a scandal in the UK.  The supermarkets – who seem to hold producers to ransom and squeeze their margins mercilessly  and are the cause of a lot of food waste before it even gets to the shops have continued to resist open labelling for years.  Shouldn’t we know the origin of our fresh foodstuffs?  They know we would run a mile from a £3 chicken if it boldly said “Lived in (insert far east country of your choice), in a cage with 45 other birds so you can have it at this ridiculously low price”.

OK – that’s silly.  But wouldn’t it be good that the label said China or Thailand or wherever, so you could make an informed choice?

We could be inadvertently importing animal cruelty without knowing it.  We could be helping bird flu and swine flu get a hold in the world because they want to keep the origin of our food quiet.

Time to force them into common sense and honest labelling.  I like to know what I am buying.  I’m sure you do too.

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