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Couch Potato Olympics!

Well !  How tiring was that?  Great to see all the old rockers at the Olympic closing ceremony.  Makes you feel good to have survived without the need for too many non prescription drugs.  And marvel at the superlative effects of looking after yourself with the help of coaches, advisers, managers – and the occasional botox injection if you are a Spice Girl (possibly)?

It just feels supremely ironic that:

  1. Most of us watched prodigious amounts of TV entirely sedentary and now want to become the new fit for GB legacy
  2. The cynics at day 4 (no gold rush yet) have stopped saying ‘told you so’ and now want to bask in the reflected glory?
  3. The best commentators on BBC knew when not to comment
  4. The men cried more than the women
  5. This government is still selling off school playing fields

The Blubolympics one of the Gamesmakers called them.  And wasn’t it wonderful that the longest and most sustained standing ovation was reserved for them?  They really did us proud.

I will not need to stock more Kleenex tissues now – the blubbing is over.  My favourite moment?  Jessica Ennis taking her private moment as she won the 800 metres to cap her glorious Heptathlon victory.  Eyes shut, arms extended and smiling and drinking it all in.  Wow.  And she doesn’t normally win that race – but wanted to put  show on for the fans.  Double wow!

Jessica Ennis flying over the 100m hurdles to take Olympic Heptathlon Gold commemorated on Royal Mail stamp

Yes – we can all buy the stamp (and I bet they sell out as well as the seats did eventually…)

That’s the link if you want to look at the whole range of stamps.


One of the athletes said he wanted to thank two people.  My cynical hat thought here we go – mum, god, coach, EPO or whatever.  Ban that cynical view!  he said “The Gamesmakers and the crowd”.  And, come to think of it – Gamesmakers – what a stunning name for the volunteers?

The other thing that seemed in abundance was sportsmanship.  Astonishing that Victoria Pendleton held aloft the hand of her nemesis the pusher from Australia, Anna Meares, after being relegated in the first session of the Sprint final.  There were many other moments like that (Chris Hoy being hugged by Steve Redgrave, cheers for the brave injured who crossed the line last, Mo Farrah and Usain Bolt doing their opposite trademark poses – and you will all have your faves too).

I’m a football fan, and was desperately trying to Hoover up all the last crumbs of the last day of the games and dip into the Charity Shield match between Chelsea and Man City.  They didn’t feel like they had learned anything from the Olympic spirit.

Can’t wait for the Paralympics now!

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