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Pot Luck

What does Pot Luck mean? It feels like a go with the flow sort of meal. Anything goes, sort of style. I was speaking to a friend the other day who finds cooking a bit of a chore, but has to follow a recipe for everything. She cannot imagine the sort of cooking challenges they have on Masterchef, where contestants are presented with a set of ingredients and told to ‘go create’.

That is the essence of the fun for me. We had some strange bedfellows that were only just past their sell by dates (I will rant about that in another post!). Some cooked and thin cut beef, a few small potatoes, wrinkly mushrooms and a leek. Pristine food? Yes we had some fresh sping onions (should we change the name to salad onions as they are now available all year round?) and half fat creme fraiche.

I cleaned up the spuds and left their skins on. Halved them – so they cooked quickly, then boiled. The confloption ( a new word!) to fry up included the leak, and mushrooms. Discoverd a few mini tomoatoes too – so they got chucked in. I shredded up the beef, and added it when the other bits were done, and switched the heat off (after adding some mustrard and balsamic squirt). Spuds? Drained, added the chopped up spring onion, some parmesan, a nob of butter and a large spoon of creme fraiche. Served the spuds under and the confloption on top, like as if the potatoes were pasta.

The great thing with using up stuff that a lot of people throw out is the meal feels free – because you have saved the ingredients from composting!

Pot luck? Well, the plate felt like it got lucky too!

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