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On holidays and other celebrations – always a bit foodie in nature!

East Cornwall. Duloe.  That’s where we started. And the local pub restaurant is worth writing about.  The Plough.  New owners in October last year. Tarting it up. Will have letting rooms. And do some very different things.  Deep fried battered poached egg as a bar snack? Knocks a scotch egg into touch! But they did those too. And they were a bit different as well.  I had something I’d never had before too. I do like game and some of the more Offaly bits – but had never had Oxtail slow braised after pot roasting before.  Like some game dishes , and quite a lot of the cheaper and more difficult to source and cook cuts, it was unctuous and strong.  Fall apart and really in your face. Some may have found it a bit too strong (was like a beef stew but with the volume turned up…),, but I loved it.  It did go very well with the sunny but biting cold wind weather that we had for the week.

Also had Mussels and Steak on another night.  Mussels were from Devon – and even though they weren’t Cornish, they were just so good!  Fantastic dipping sauce always left for the bread dunking – and this was especially herby and lemony.  Loved it.

On the way to visit our friends in Mawgan (Lizard peninsula – usually on the first page of your road atlas, because any further west and you fall off the edge). We stopped at a lovely little hard to find pub, as there was a road problem.  Serious accident sadly. Anyway, it forced us off the road for a few hours, so we were grateful for this stop off.  Mussels. I do just love them. And they were pretty damn special here.Jane continued the fish theme with a Crab Bisque – which was more expensive than the mussels (reflecting effort and ingredient costs, I should think).  So, before full on Daffodil festival, we had eaten well, but sensibly!

The Ship in Mawgan has been mentioned before on here.  That’s because it is an absolute gem.  We were helping out a little at a Daffodil Festival, organised and kicked into active life by our friend, Wendy.  We needed sustenance.  Night one – take away fish and chips from the pub.  Look, this is not the cheap and cheerful meal it was when I used to have it as a youngster.  But this was fine dining from a box of stunningly cooked and patently well sourced ingredients .

P1000709 P1000710

On the Saturday – Valentines evening – we ate as a table of 4. There were only 3 actual couples in the whole place. So, what did we have?  Wendy had the blissfully enticing Crab Bisque – very intense flavours.

And here’s two more of them!  Just lovely scrummy risotto and quite meltingly blissful steaks…however good the chef, it’s worthless unless you go for the best ingredients.  The Ship manages both rather well.

Finally, must mention our last meal on the run.  We went for take out pizzas from Treloworan, cooked in a proper wood burning pizza oven.  They were very special indeed. If you are on hols nearby, well worth seeking out.  It just feels so much more authentic than doing a standard take away one, or a cook it yourself. Chef – very young, early 20s? – was totally enthusiastic about the oven and his hand thrown pizzas.  You can’t fake enthusiasm, can you? They were a fine end to a great gastronomic holiday.

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